What is Beauty


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder!
Beauty, more than ever, needs to be beheld and understood. So we look at the reason for beauty and of course it is attraction. Generally of the the female of the species for the male. The female now needs to be understood for what she is. A procreator. The marvel of the world is its ability to recreate it self in every kingdom. There is beauty in the ability and the network of attributes and emotions which surround and embody the female. The delicacy with strength. The intricate thought patterns associated with creating and nurturing life. It is the context within which they are enjoyed which has dramatically changed from the classic community living to the world of desperately driven consumerism. The perception of beauty has not kept up with the changes.

The erstwhile errant male needs observe and collate points of beauty particular to their chosen as the hunter and protector roles have largely disappeared for dreary nine to fivers, better for some. Even when better the distractions available to draw attention away from the special one are innumerable.
A concerted effort needs to be made and interestingly the special attentions which can be given such as pampering massage will enhance the very beauty which was the attractant in the first place. Later in the discussion such pampering methods will be described at length.

It is thought that the real appreciation of beauty can come from the understanding of the roles of humans in community living at hunter and gatherer periods in our progress. A male would grow up in a family but as part of the community and a female somewhere would grow up as part of the same or close community. They would go about their training for life and at a suitable age the restraints would be withdrawn. The daily routine of hunting and gathering would see the male working and achieving within a group of men each and every day. Then they would return at days end they would return to the thought and then acquisition of the ladys hand in marriage. So the days and weeks and years would pass and thoughts would merely stray from that one partnership in life. The female would stay in the community teaching children and resolving the living side of community living and again they had their man. So the role of beauty was in appreciation and enjoyment and attraction. We do not believe it was any less intense as the cosmetic art and ornamentation of those eras would seem to indicate. What has changed? Well for one the field of selection and the methods of attracting and courting are vastly different. The visually less advantaged had the relative attributes selected by the media, for good or for bad and a model or film star is decreed as the standard to be accepted in looks at least and looks are much more important as the opposite sex spends much more time in front of the television being brainwashed.

To us every woman is beautiful. The old role plan seems to have left a memory or maybe even a cell memory, because when you think deeply or even meditate about such matters as settling down to a single partner, it normally comes up as approved for your personal life.

So beauty is the attraction but it defies definition in our understanding because every time we establish a definition, some beautiful person turns up who does not fit the template.