Wow this is a massive subject, but here we are concentrating on the treatments which are long term beneficial to your body. Many of the day to day treatments and applications to hair and skin are using chemicals so it is one of our ambitions to influence at least some manufacturers to go more natural and more organic. It is possible and sustainable and we do worry about the application of chemicals, especially those which mimic oestrogen in the body. This industry is essential and so should be as healthy as possible.


Todays story is a healing story, well almost but it explains why in millions of cases treatment paths need to be changed to help the women of this world remain beautiful. I was driving around the Gold Coast chasing up some parts for a project. The car windows were open and the blaring radio could only be heard when I stopped for a red light. I heard a small part of an advertisement beckoning me to a shop I had been many times before on the chance of getting a bargain on something I wanted although that day I preferred not to go. Curiosity? I arrived at the store and looked around for a little while and no real specials apart from an interest free bonus. Before I left A sales lady approached me and I mentioned my interest and the details of my requirements. She was 25 and clearly had a few health problems interfering with her physical beauty. We accidentally got onto the subject of her health and her problem was easily identified as low function thyroid. She was quite astounded that I could speak so positively about the reversal after she had many trips to the doctor and only diagnosis of normal. It has obviously been seriously worrying to her for quite some time and as I departed I could see the tears welling up in her eyes. Hopefully tears of joy at finding out there was a clear direction to healing. Maybe I will connect again? But here in this world this is a common scenario for millions of young ladies. In her case the problems had reached concerning proportions as weight control was lost, recurring depression and low energy levels, then constant muscle pain could even signal an opening for MS. Finally of course and erratic menstrual cycle. This is sad! A very beautiful girl struggling with a collapsing body. And no treatment available from the medical sector. In this case she is probably gluten intolerant and needs iodine, omega 3 oils and probiotics to start with then a nutritional plan for her will restore a glowing beauty to this lovely girl who’s remaining asset is clear skin. So from this story you can all see the value of correct and genuine information. Check out where you can search information freely on any natural health topic.