The Physical

The physical aspects of beauty partially follow on from the discussion in the personality page, which is nowhere near finished but has already covered some delicate material. To set the stage a woman is a mother and the many sides of beauty still revolve around their maternal instincts and circumstances. The classic lady is always more beautiful when pregnant and at many times fulfilling their function as a mother. So the passing of these phases in their lives should not interfere with our assessment at any time.

The woman’s body has been accepted by many as the most elegant satisfaction to the sight. Predominantly male of course but the figure and face is designed to attract where other sights acquire elegance through climatic factors and/or some evolution. As the thinking race the function of attraction in the mating and partnering process is so much more important. Now lets be clear, we see each and every one as beautiful but the beauty component can be enhanced and improved in line with the averages of thinking. Individuality is always an element in this formula and to some people it is very significant. The physical presentation of individuality can again be enhanced. In todays world a woman begins as a competitor and sometimes individuality is the while other times it is the physical beauty or the personality package.

Our purpose here is to shine some light on the emphasis or enrichment of the leading qualities in line with what women generally seek today. Our role though is to point out the dangers of certain substances and procedures commonly used and at the same time show the advantages of those natural methods chosen for their effectiveness, acceptable cost and lack of unfortunate side effects.

The physical approach is thus totally effected through exercise and nutrition. And the fact is there are some bodies who do not need much shaping and so can achieve the results with minimum of fuss and often with little observance to appropriate nutritional requirements. There are reasons for this ability which would take some time to discuss. It is a fact however, which makes it harder for those who have to diet and exercise to get results. They have a sense of unfair circumstances.