Functional Beauty

So beauty is to be appreciated and sought after but preferably not at a cost. The human species is the most intelligent. Right?? Well now you look at what we are doing with the world and it seems we have misunderstood our role. Taking what s comfortably and sustainably ours for the purpose of living and the continuation of the species. Injecting our efforts into the continuing process would be great but the addition of greed to the equation has left us with a world which would be better off without us.. As we destroy the beauty of the world also collapses the beauty of the species.
And so the Ladies are at the forefront of attack without even knowing it. The chemical generally replaces the derivative from the real. The stuff of this earth. The plants and trees which have been supplied through creation. Our life itself has to a large extent been replaced by a plastic life. We seek adventure so on goes the television set. Lo and behold instant adventure and ads. incessant tirades of ads. Every plastic and false thing in existence. So where is the most intelligent species NOW??
To start the process of repair we need to analyse each and every situation and so this is what we will do.
The first thing to understand is that health and beauty are synonymous.
Joel Fuhrman says for example. The trouble is that taking toxic remedies to resolve bad lifestyle choices is largely ineffective and allows for peoples’ underlying disease process to continue advancing. I think there are a lot of doctors re-evaluating their careers right now. Fortunately I had the opportunity to learn about nutrition at a young age and to pursue a career where nutrition became the centerpiece of my medical practice. It’s afforded so much personal reward to help many thousands of people reverse their conditions and get well, without medications
My answer is that eating decently or making moderate beneficial changes is not adequate enough to repair the broken DNA cross-link—the methylation of DNA. In other words, whatever damage occurred to your cells over those years even before you were born, even when your eggs were in your mother’s body before you were conceived, has an impact still. Your health can be affected long-term by your exposure to toxins, and by a lack of nutrients.
So we maximize the body’s ability to repair dysfunctional DNA, to remove toxins from the cells, and to restore itself and its immune system. We have to undo the damage that, if left unchecked, would lead to cancer. My niche in the nutritional world is to help people who don’t just want a little better health,
but who want to know what would be optimal. To maximally repair cellular damage, we are going to push the envelope of human longevity and really see if we can win the war on cancer.
It’s not just about eating more broccoli. It’s also about, for example, eating some mushrooms, because mushrooms supply some particular nutrients that are not present in many other foods and that are important to achieve comprehensive micronutrient adequacy. Micronutrient adequacy is not about numbers, but about the complexity and the diversity that is necessary for superior immune function.

So the experts know the answers and we rarely see them