Are There Limits?

Now this is a very special page and you are not expected to believe what you read. It all started around the year 2000 when I had done the first stage of Reiki and really did not believe it would work. In fact it took many months and many incidents before I became convinced enough to use the modality regularly with confidence. It turns out that Reiki is just one of a number of modalities which singly or in combination can create some amazing changes. Add these to good nutrition or super nutrition and supplementation and the truth is we have no idea what the limits are. Thats right the sky could be the limit. The project has to show some practicality and our mentor team will always have an open mind as to what can be achieved. Now this is a big call because the call can include bone structure changes and regeneration of body parts. Minuscule so far but where is the limit? We do not know and only by working at changes and improvements will we find out. All methods have of course been extensively tested on ourselves first and will not be used on others until after we have tried them much further. Then some methods are just the basic modalities taken to the limit by expert use and combination with other modalities. Incidentally the human body has been built or designed for the use of these modalities. Don’t believe? ok forget you saw this and read the story.

A small river town half way between two little cities and a Saturday afternoon group having coffee around the table, the dog chasing the children around the house and the men watching football on the television. A perfect setting for an accidental healing? Maybe not! I was one at the table having never met any of the others before. And opposite was a very beautiful lady of about 45. But when she moved or opened her mouth it made one want to run. Her movements and speech were totally and unfortunately uncoordinated. Uncomfortable to watch and listen to especially considering a natural beauty although showing a high degree of wear and tear. She had obviously never drawn the winning cards in life but probably a sweet loveable person anyway. We discussed recent events and she had me say that I had attended a Reiki weekend training seminar. I actually felt I had been conned into it so when she said she did not believe in that hocus pocus I had to agree and say I did not think it would work either. For some strange reason I immediately asked if I could put my hands on her shoulders and see if she liked it. She spontaneously agreed.

I stood behind her for around fifteen minutes and must say I felt an exchange of hot energy but did not place any importance on it. When the heat subsided I went back to my seat without knowing at least I had done no harm. You can imagine my shock ten minutes later when she arose from her chair and in the most harmonious and gracious voice with elegant movements she said ” You see it did not work at all” The others at the table who did know her well rose from their seats with amazement on their faces. They almost all said “Oh my God” and spent the rest of the afternoon talking her into drama lessons because of her immaculate presentation. Fact is we are all brainwashed into expecting little or nothing from natural treatments. Since that time we have practised many treatments and combinations of treatments and combined the same with highly nutritious food ingestion. Some of the results are little short of miraculous and over short time frames. As a group we have hardly touched the surface yet in formulating suitable combinations of natural treatments and while we have studied and tried most of them individually, we are now very open minded and hard to surprise when it comes to multiple applications.

Again we see every woman especially as beautiful. There are two women who I particularly worked long and hard on for a variety of conditions and in these cases the treatments were very helpful but never quite achieved a perfection I would have expected from so much work. They had something in common that was very destructive to their quality of life and I guess you have already picked it although 99% of doctors never would. They both had been through abortions and at that stage neither had children. There lies a study and a hurdle to he beauty trail that we have not yet answered. There have been many achievements and also one or two disappointments. So where to from here?? Let us know your thoughts.

As to the limits we do believe there is a limit somewhere but we have no idea where it is and as long as natural is not compromised we do expect some surprises. We have already had many surprises and as yet have neither gone perfectly natural or established some sort of a parameter field for natural within our group. It must always be understood that everyone is different and this means that as we establish best practice routines in different areas of health, they must still be flexible and we will still find people who do not match the mould.